Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Canadian Junior Championships: Finals

I write this entry sitting behind the show court watching the Boys Under 19 final.  The same two players who played in the 2016 PNW Final (Michael Mehl (AB) vs Rahul Sehrawat (ON)) are doing battle once again before they go to the World in August to represent Canada.

The unfortunate part of this report is that we did not win any Canadian Titles today but we surely put in a good showing.

Sportsmanship award, Alec Doucas Award,
2015 Matthew Henderson
2016 Matthew David Toth

Day 4:
Boys Under 13
Gabriel Yun2nd
Jacob Zihou Lin3rd
Joseph Toth5th
Christian Yuen7th/8th
Girls Under 15
Sarah Cao2nd
Ava Bicknell7th/8th
Alexandra Brown7th/8th
Boys Under 15
Mitchel Kahnert2nd
John Dempsey3rd
Girls Under 15
Lucia Bicknell4th
Anika Kurji7th/8th
Josephine AdamsBronze
Boys Under 17
Ryan Picken3rd
Liam LeidekkerBronze Draw 1st
Girls Under 17
Cynthia Cao4th
Brooke Herring7th/8th
Andrea Michele Toth5th
Boys Under 19
Matthew Toth4th
Matthew Henderson5th
Girls Under 19
Grace Thomas2nd
Megan Picken7th/8th

It is an exciting time for BC.  There are many athletes keeping their eye on the top position and if we continue the hard work our results will get better.  Great job everyone!  

And to all the coaches who travel with our kids to this event, thank you!
- Mike Johnson
- Shakiru Matti
- Colin Whitney
- Chris Hannebury
- Richard Yendall

And without the parental support non of this would happen.  

Thank you,
Benjamin Uliana, ChPC
Cedar Hill Squash Club

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