Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 1 at the 2016 Cdn Jr. Champs

We have returned to the Mayfair Club in Markham, Ontario for the 2016 Canadian Junior Championship.  BC has 34 kids playing in the event this year, with some notably strong players in each of the draws.  As you look through the results below, seeded players are denoted the corresponding number beside their name.  You may also see (DNP) beside someones name which means they did not have a scheduled match on the first day of play.  When you read through the list of names you will see the, Age Category, which round of play and the winners of losers of that round.  Two names side by side does not denote that the players played each other.  For full results and draws please visit the Tournament Draws

With 49 matches played by BC players it was next to impossible to see all the matches.  But luckily there are 6 coaches from BC at the event to ensure that all the kids are taken care of.  I will highlight some of the important results / achievements of Day 1:

Both Jacob Lin and Gabriel Yuen (Sports Central) won their second matches of the day, which they did by beating a 5/8 seed in their second matches of the day.

of the 28 first round matches played by BC Juniors we only had 7 losses.  

All BC players seeded in the top 8 won their matches today.

But a true joy of coming to Mayfair Club Markham is going to Frankie's all you can eat Italian Buffet!  Just across the street from the club this restaurant is a place to enjoy!  At some point during the weekend most squash players find their way to the Frankie's to fill their stomach, as the days are long and the squash tough, we couldn't ask for more to eat!
Day 1:
Boys Under 13Boys Under 15
Round 1Round 1
Christian Yuen 3/4John MurphyJohn Dempsey 2Jordan King
Joseph TothMitchell Kahnert 3/4
Jacob LinLucas Galloway
Gabriel YunKiyan Dhanani
Round 2James Toth 5/8
WinLossMatias Totz
Christian Yuen 3/4Joseph TothRound of 16
Jacob LinWinLoss
Gabriel YunJohn Dempsey 2Kiyan Dhanani
Mitchell Kahnert 3/4Lucas Galloway
James Toth 5/8Matias Totz
Boys Under 17Boys Under 19
Main RoundMain Round
Ryan Picken 3/4Matthew WongMatthew Henderson 3/4Nicolas Vincent
Sam Scivier 9/12Euan HanniganMatthew Toth 3/4Antonio Carrillo
Matt BicknellBrian MurphyRobert Fisher
Sayeed MavaniConsolation
Liam LiedekkerWinLoss
Emilio CarrilloNicolas VincentAntonio Carrillo
Ismael Matti AlvarezRobert Fisher
Round 2
Ryan Picken 3/4Sam Scivier
Emilio Carrillio
Ismael Matti Alvarez
Matt Bicknell
Sayeed Mavani
Girls Under 13Girls Under 15
Round 1Round 1
Alexandra Brown 5/8Lucia Bicknell 2 (DNP)Josephine Adams
Girls Under 17Girls Under 19
Round 1Round 1
Andrea Michele Toth 2 (DNP)Grace Thomas 2 (DNP)
Brooke Herring 5/8 (DNP)Megan Picken 5/8 (DNP)
Cynthia Cao (DNP)Jenna Dhanani
Tomorrow we will see many of the First round matches for the girls at the event.  We will also have Quarter-Final matches and Round of 16 matches for the Boys main events.  I will get the results out tomorrow and hopefully some picture for you to enjoy.

Thank you
Benjamin Uliana, ChPC

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